Elena Casagrande (1983): after she attended the High School, she decided to follow her main passion, drawing, enrolling at the International School of Comics in Rome. While she was at school, she became David Messina's assistant, her teacher, starting to work with IDW Publishing. From that moment the collaboration with IDW continues until now, working on comic books series like Star Trek (Klingons: Blood will tell, Orions, Q, Spock: Reflections), Ghost Whisperer (The haunted), Angel (Auld Lang Syne, Doyle, Smiletime, A hole in the world, Illyria: Haunted and 6° season), Infestation, True Blood (The French Quarter), Doctor Who (Prisoners of Time) and X-Files.

Always in USA she works for Marvel, drawing characters like Spiderman (Marvel Heartbreakers – A chemical romance, Ultimate Spiderman #157), Magik (variant cover New Mutant #4), Spitfire (Women in Marvel) and RedHulk (Hulk); for DC Comics she realized some pages of Arrow and The Flash, the mini-series of Vigilante: Southland and the last annual of Batgirl: The Brightest star in Heaven; for the Image she have been on the Hack/Slash comic-book series finale; for Boom! Studios she's the artist of the new series of Mike Carey, Suicide Risk and illustrated the sequel novel of Big trouble in Little China; she worked on the new series of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor for Titan Comics.

Her last work is on Batman Secret Files, for DC Comics.

In Italy she had few collaborations with Cronaca di Topolinia (Avalonia Special #3, Sol Mirror #2), Star Comics (La Stirpe di Elan, Jonathan Steel), Tunuè (Mono #2 e #6) e Renoir (Tales of Avalon).

She's a component of the Truckers Studio.

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