Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beauty and the Beast ...or Wolverine?

Non mi pare momento più opportuno questo per pubblicare questa "pin-up", benchè incompleta, fatta invece più di un paio di settimane fa: volevo dare un tono trasgressivo alla dolce Belle, ora invece posso spacciarlo per un crossover...:P

I think that the moment is the most opportune to post this "pin-up", also if it's incomplete, that instead I did two weeks ago: I wanted give to sweet Belle a provocative-side, but now I can pass it off as crossover...:P



This is a very well done image - and very, VERY disturbing in concept! Hehe.

Great job and keep up the good work.


Lara West said...

Thank you so much, Eric!

I'll do! ;)

Daniele Vessella said...

fantastico stile!!