Thursday, May 24, 2012

Liebster Blog

Since I was nominated from my friends ScarletGothica about this nice award, I can't stop the precious and usefull chain, following the rules:

1. Copy and paste the award linking the blog who gift you the Liebster.
2. Award your 5 favourite blogs with the only requirement they don't exceed 200 followers. Leave them a notification in their last entry.
3. Trust these 5 blogs will continue the chain.
And this is my list:
1. Alessandro Micelli, awesome guy and cool artist full of ideas and with a nice-cartoon style, one of the autor of the Kirby-tribute-style comic book series Tales of Avalon;
2. Vega Guerrieri, the title of her blog says just everything...simply genius;
3. Francesco Codolo, comic artist and graphic designer, author of the cute self-produce comic book Ayumi Princess;
4. Giovanna Niro, fantastic artist, so fine girl, knowed above all as colorist of series like Star Trek and True Blood;
5. Emanuel Simeoni, this guy has a good talented...keep your eyes on him while you can find him on the pages of True Blood.


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