Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What The Fake!? - Truckers Artbook

 It's finally ready for the shopping online the first artbook by Truckers!!!

What The Fake?! is an illustrated book based on popular and catchy urban legends. Every legend has been conceived like a movie script, summed up, processed and finally illustrated as a movie poster. Obviously these movies don't exist, but thanks to a graphic and iconographic research we tried to give them a "familiar look", so you can find references to b-movies, or 70's fliers, or composition with graphic and minimal design until realistic '80 illustrations. We added texts to the illustrations, and as for the pictures, we re-elaborated them, creating a sort of "narrative suggestions", just to make the reader empathize more with the whole legend.

 Each author made three illustrations, this is one of mines:

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Keep calm and stay TruCKers!

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